Unleashing the Power of Your Crowd

Over the past few years, it is likely that your organization has set up various social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And then you waited for something to happen, somewhere, out there. Instead, the world was largely silent. You can see and feel the problem on social media, but it’s actually everywhere in your organization: people are sitting on their hands and wallets waiting for you to make them feel known, heard and acknowledged.

Allison Fine will discuss how to overcome this critically important challenge. How to transition to leading a network of supporters online and on land and to unleash the social, intellectual and financial capital to support and sustain your organization. As a result of working in this networked way, your organization will increase donor and volunteer retention rates, increase your relevance online in a world where our online reputation is increasingly important for your sustainability, plus generate a greater bang for your buck when your network is working with you to share your messages and bring new people to your efforts.

Speaker: Allison Fine