2016 Resources

Thank you for attending JCPA2016 in Cleveland, Ohio and making it a great success! We hope you had a wonderful experience and left feeling inspired on how we are moving forward together.  Our aim was to provide you with mission critical information on issues facing our nation and community, the opportunity to share best practices that you can bring back to your local community, and the chance to interact and engage on how we can strengthen our network of 125 JCRCs and 16 national agencies. 

To keep the momentum going we  have compiled resources from the conference that include  the notes from the Unconference and Strategic Cafe, background materials from our sessions, and audio podcasts of the major plenary presentations.  

  • Unconference Results: JCPA2016 was groundbreaking in many ways, including holding our first-ever Unconference. The Unconference is a participant driven meeting, where the topics and agenda are set by the participants. Once topics are presented and assigned to a time and place, participants choose the topics they want to discuss and record the proceedings.  At the Unconference 22  topics were discussed and each participant participated in (two sessions?).  Click here for the results of those meetings. 
  • Notes and summary from the Strategic Café: The JCPA’s strategic cafe provided an opportunity for participants to give input to several strategic planning topics that would help strengthen the community relations network.  Five questions were discussed in 15 minute sessions and each participants was able to participate in three sessions.  Click here for a summary of those discussions.
  • Session Podcasts:

JCPA President David Bernstein’s Opening Remarks at JCPA2016
Political Polarization
The Turmoil in the Middle East and Its Effect on the U.S., Israel, and American Jews
New Frontiers in Civil Rights.

Counter BDS Legislation: IAN Anti – BDS State Legislative Guide, State Legislation Tracker, Five Good Reasons to Support State Level Anti-BDS Legislation 

After Ferguson: Improving Police-Community Interactions: ABA and LDF Joint Statement on Eliminating Bias in the Criminal Justice System

Plenum Resolutions: Resolution on Wage Theft, Resolution on Combating Climate Change, Resolution Celebrating Doug Kahn