JCPA Welcomes New Delegates

On Sunday, at the 2015 JCPA Town Hall New Delegates Orientation, new Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) lay and professional leaders met with Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) Senior Vice President Ethan Felson to learn more about the history and meaning of the conference. As a new staff person at JCPA, I joined them.

Ethan asked the new delegates: What is JCPA? The Jewish Council for Public Affairs changed its name from the National Community Relations Advisory Council twenty years ago. The organization was founded to deal with the concerns of the Jewish community and all issues that impact American Jews.

This year for the first time, JCPA has re-named its Plenum “Town Hall” in the hopes of creating a space for mutualistic learning and dialogue. In the spirit of democratic engagement, this year the JCPA conference would be at round tables and in discussion groups, instead of in frontal presentations. This year, the JCPA Town Hall would dive deep into text study, connecting policy resolutions to our sacred Jewish values. In this 2015 JCPA Town Hall, we as new delegates would join veterans of JCPA conferences to engage, together, in the Jewish pursuit of justice.