Gideon (Gidi) Grinstein, Reut Institute

Gidi Grinstein is the founder of the Reut Institute, Israel’s leading non-governmental research, strategy and leadership group; Author of Flexigidity: Secret of Jewish Adaptability, an innovative book platform and a recent best-seller in Israel; Formerly, Secretary of the Israeli delegation for the Camp David Peace Summit in 2000 with the PLO. Under Gidi’s leadership, Reut led multiple efforts focused on inclusive growth and resilience within the ISRAEL 15 Vision; designed a model for transformations of cities; founded TOM to drive technological innovation to address neglected societal problems and XLN to prepare Israel for the 3D printing and self-manufacturing DIY revolution; and worked on various national security challenges. Gidi co-led efforts to reform government and led the design of Taglit Birthright. Graduate of Tel-Aviv University in Economics and Law; Wexner Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government; married with 5 children; runs Marathons; Captain (Res.) in the Navy.