JCPA2017 will be February 25-28, 2017 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.  The conference will begin with Havdallah Saturday night and conclude approximately 3:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Challenges of 2017

The priorities of the new administration and Congress will bring new challenges and opportunities to the community relations field. Our field has a strong tradition of engagement on civil rights issues, anti-Semitism, and in ensuring a pluralistic and democratic America, and for being strong nuanced advocates for Israel. Hear from a diverse group of pundits on what challenges they think the Jewish community will face during these changing times.

Moderator: Marcia Greenberger     Speakers: Wajahat Ali, E.J. Dionne, Jennifer Rubin

Reforming Police Practices: How Your Community Can Help

This summer’s shootings of unarmed African Americans serve as a sad reminder of the racism and discrimination that still plagues our society and the unfinished business of civil rights. These shootings tear at our social fabric and strain race relations. The Jewish community can play an important role in reducing discrimination and repairing our communities by engagement and leadership in local efforts to build bridges and adopt 21st century community policing practices. Register Today for JCPA 2017 and learn what you can do!

Speakers: Kanya Bennett, Elana Kahn, Dr. Judy Lubin, Hilary Shelton

50 Years After the Six Day War – Is Peace Possible

On the heels of the UN Security Council Resolution 2334, the passage of the Israel’s new Regulation Law, and the New Administration’s priority of achieving peace between Israel and Palestinians, learn from our high-level speakers about implications of the Six-Day War and how we can achieve a much needed two-State solution.

The panel will feature experts Aaron David Miller of the Wilson Center, and Tamara Cofman Wittes of the Brooking Institute.

Speakers: Aaron David Miller, Tamara Cofman Wittes

Civil Rights Challenges: Working Together

JCPA 2017 opening panel features Glenn E. Martin, featured in Nextflix 13th documentary and Rabbi Jonah Pesner . Inequities within the criminal justice system constitute one of the major crises facing our country. Mass incarceration is not just a federal issue. In fact, more people are incarcerated in state and local facilities than federal prisons. The Jewish community has a proven track record in advocating for civil rights and injustices in our democracy. Learn about how your Jewish community can make a difference.

Speakers: Glenn E. Martin, Rabbi Jonah Pesner

about the JCPA2017 JCPA’s Annual Conference, formerly known as the JCPA Plenum, is where hundreds of activists come together to shape our community relations agenda as a united voice.